Getting the most out of your Kinergetics sessions

  • Being hydrated at all times is essential. Being hydrated for kinergetics sessions allows us to get deeper into your healing. Drink water to a level where your urine is a light straw colour. If your thirsty you may be at the beginning level of dehydration.
  • When releasing stress and past trauma during your session you body will utilise magnesium to support itself. It is therefore very important to replace your stores. Either, and ideally, orally with magnesium bisglycinate. Alternatively, a nice epson salt bath or spraying magnesium oil onto your skin.

What to expect during your Initial Kinergetics session

  • Firstly a quick chat. I will take a comprehensive lifestyle history, listen to your concerns and note them all down to utilise during your session.
  • Ill then explain kinergetics, how it works, what you can expect.

What to expect during all Kinergetics sessions

  • Be aware there is a phenomenon that may occur 24 hours prior to your appointment. Any symptom which is about to clear during your session may feel exacerbated. So prior to your appointment you may feel more anxious, moody or frustrated. Whatever your issue may be. My thought here is that the body knows what is about to occur and just gets the body ready for the clearing by surfacing these emotions.
  • Kinergetics specialises in TMJ correction and hydration of the body. We say the more relaxed and hydrated the body the better your baseline to dealing with stress. These are the first 2 corrections of each session.
  • Your body knows how to heal itself. Via muscle testing I will ask your body what its priority for healing is and begin our session. Some clients choose to bring in a list of things happening in their life for us to sort through. At times we work through all issues or your body may prioritise just 1 which may be a catalyst for the rest and so we spend our time on that. A list may look like this:
    • Unhappy with any aspect of life- work, relationships, self etc
    • Physical issues- any pain or ailment
    • Spiritual issues- unsure as to direction in life, not trusting self or others etc
    • Mental stuff- depression, anxiety, not feeling and expressing emotions etc
  • At the end of a session we clear an affirmation as an end of session completion check. This is to ensure all the good work we have done during our session sticks and you don’t go out and unconsciously sabotage the good work.
  • For more information click here

Points to take into account

  • During kinergetics we are able to communicate fully with your body. We can access every thought, feeling, experience you have ever been through. We can access genetic/DNA information to the last 3 generations of your family. You only consciously remember 10% of this information but via muscle testing we can access all of it.
  • Not only are we able to access ALL the information we require to clear symptoms from your list of blocks or symptoms. We also clear and balance the energy around this on the spot.
  • So, we are doing much more that treating band-aid symptoms. We dig right into your system with pin-point precision and access what is needed to release a block in this area of your life.


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