Magnesium is a mineral and often referred to as the relaxer of the body. It is a mineral I love my clients to take during their kinesiology journey. Our aim is to have you feeling whole again. Having a clear vision of your purpose and living to your ultimate best. The combination of kinesiology and magnesium allows this dream to become reality.

Why take Magnesium as a priority during Kinesiology sessions?

Magnesium is beneficial on many levels of our being. It is important on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


On a physical level magnesium aids our bodies to physically relax. Whether this is in the form of releasing muscle tightness and tension, relieving muscle cramps such as calf cramping, restless leg syndrome or period cramps. Magnesium really does aid us greatly. When our muscles are relaxed, firstly the blood flow and hence nutrition is enhanced. This means the supply of nutrition is greater throughout our bodies.

Secondly, if our bodies are more relaxed we have greater movement and flexibility which is beneficial on both a physical and metaphysical level.

Thirdly, magnesium aids in our sleep. This just makes sense. If we sleep well we are working better as a unit. We heal. We ‘mentally’ process the old and allow the new to come into our lives. Lastly magnesium can help in relieving constipation. If the constipation is due to stress and holding on the magnesium may aid in you ‘letting go!”


On an emotional level magnesium aids in allowing us to release. During your kinergetics/kinesiology sessions the aim is for you to release that which you for whatever reason you have not been able to release in the past. As I say throughout this website “It’s Your Time.” You have up to now concentrated your energies on your children, family, career etc. You have built up stress and tension and are still holding onto it. Believe it or not this stress and tension you are holding onto is holding you back. I believe taking magnesium during the ‘releasing process’ you go through aids in you ‘letting go of the past’.


On a mental level magnesium aids in allowing mental relaxation. Some of us really do live in our heads and this can be an exhausting place to sit. If you are in this category then trying to stop thinking so much or just be in the present moment rather than thinking about the past or future can can feel like an impossible task. Kinergetics/kinesiology is about getting you to a place where you can enjoy the present moment. Where you are in present time and living it. Magnesium combined with kinesiology can aid the release of worry/tension to work toward achieving this. Again, magnesium aids our sleep and this helps clear our heads. The better we sleep the clearer our heads.


On a spiritual level magnesium aids in allowing us to ‘see’ our dreams, needs, vision clearly. Being still and present and just allowing can be difficult. Many of us love to be in control. To steer our paths to the minute degree. It is great to have visions and to plan ahead to achieve them. This though is very different from having to be in control. Maybe magnesium can help us just be. To plan and to accept the world and the way we travel through it.

Where to find Magnesium?

  • Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Nuts and Seeds which are fermented
  • Whole Wheat
  • Epsom Salt – a bath with epsom salt (containing magnesium sulphate) which absorbs through the skin
  • Magnesium Spray– some enjoy spraying magnesium straight onto their skin and absorbs into the body

So we do find some magnesium in our diets. With the benefits magnesium delivers it really just doesn’t cut it. I’m not a great believer of supplementation but there are times it can’t be avoided and the benefits outweigh the cons.

The type of magnesium is important. In all my studies of magnesium the superior by far is MAGNESIUM BISGLYCINATE. It is a double bonded amino acid which absorbs well into the body. I constantly have clients that comment how much better they sleep when on this form of magnesium.

magnesium- fibroplex plus magnesium- calm x Magnesium - Fibroplex Maintain


There are many relaxation such as remedial massage and cupping. Magnesium is though an essential component of your kinesiology sessions. This can be a powerful combination to feeling whole again.

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