FAQ – Kinesiology

I’d love to work with you either in my clinic in Sydney or where ever you are around the world.


What is Kinesiology?

To begin to understand how kinesiology works start by imagining your mind and body together as a giant hard drive. On it your body stores all the experiences you have ever had, feelings you have ever felt and thoughts you have ever processed. It also holds all your beliefs systems, your genetic memory and the entire blueprint of your physical body. By muscle testing I can access this information on your hard drive to unblock your current stresses, traumas and physical toxins. By testing your muscles and utilising different techniques I correct the blocks allowing you to get you back to your default setting – you at your very best.

Kinergetics is such an amazing modality… if you haven’t tried it you must try it out! I believe everybody can benefit from kinergetics!

So what is Kinergetics?
Kinergetics is a specialised modality of kinesiology. It is thorough in resetting the body back to its default setting.

At the beginning of each session a Temporo-Mandibular Joint correction takes place and a hydration technique completely customised to your body’s needs at this point of time.

More information on a typical kinergetics session.

What will happen at your Kinergetics session?
We start with you lying fully clothed on a massage table. I use your arm muscle to monitor your body’s imbalances and stressors. By adding light pressure to your wrist your subconscious indicates your needs as your arm either remains contracted or moves to a relaxed state (this is how I communicate with your subconscious) then I bring your body back into balance during the session.

Your Sessions

What issues can we release?
Through our sessions, I can enable you to release energy imbalances associated with:

  • Stress, anxiety, depression, feeling overwhelmed (may be a known or unknown reason)
  • Physical trauma such as a car accident, surgery, dental work including scheduled braces tightening (yes this is a major trauma many teenagers endure)
  • Phobias- whatever they may be!
  • Self-sabotages – including weight loss, love and intimacy, money and success or nutrition and health
  • Fatigue, poor nutrition, toxin build up, electrolyte imbalances
  • Dehydration (this is not just about how much water you drink but rather how your body utilises it)
  • Immune conditions, allergies, sensitivities, parasites and micro-organisms
  • Mercury and candida imbalances
  • Acute and chronic pain, muscle tension, injury
  • Women’s issues – eg PMS and menopause
  • TMJ disorders (the TMJ affects 90% of the rest of the body)
  • Spiritual Health Issues
How do I prepare for a session?

In one word ‘HYDRATE!’ The more hydrated you are the stronger your body and the deeper the energy associated with your issues we will clear. You are likely to feel more thirsty than normal during your session and following it so keep drinking…

To compliment your kinesiology sessions and gain full benefit consuming magnesium in conjunction with your sessions allows deeper release. 

How many sessions will I need?
Kinesiology is very effective but it’s not magic (well maybe a little bit). Clients often start to feel the benefits straight away, others after just a few sessions. To achieve optimal results, I would highly recommend to plan a minimum of 4-5 sessions.

For more chronic health issues, fortnightly sessions are quite powerful until things start to balance out for you. After that, monthly tune-ups are a great way to prevent stress from building up. Really, it’s what feels right to you! I find for myself, regular monthly Kinesiology sessions are a beautiful way to stay in touch with myself and a good way of keeping my thoughts, actions and emotions in alignment with my dreams!

How long is each session?
To gain an understanding of your needs an initial appointment is 1.5 hours. Subsequent sessions are scheduled at1 hour. In this time we complete a TMJ and hydration correction so we will have a solid structural and energetic foundation to work. The stronger your body the deeper the issues we can release. Following this we clear energy from stresses, trauma’s or any issues you are experiencing or can simply ask your subconscious what you need to allow you to achieve at your greater good!
Will I experience any side effects?
Following a session there are many different things you can experience. I believe we need to detox any physical, emotional, spiritual releases occurring in a session so symptoms can vary. Your feelings will vary a great deal depending on the individual, what you’re working on and how you were feeling beforehand.

A few thing which you may feel following a session:

  • A stronger connection within yourself and a feeling of bliss
  • A sense of thirst- minor or extreme (just keep a bottle of water close by)
  • Headaches, dizziness, confusion, brain fog
  • A heightened feeling of the stress, emotional released (things may feel much worse before they feel better and this is a sign a shift has taken place)
  • Tiredness
  • Other physical symptoms as a result of eg. candida release- headaches, cravings, aching body
  • Flashbacks
How will I know if the treatment has worked?
All the above ‘side effects’ would be an indication a shift has taken place. You are welcome to come to your session with an intention of what you are wanting to achieve from it. Then go within and monitor how you have responded to the session in association with this intention.

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