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Before my Sessions

Before finding Suzie, I used to see a psychologist, a chiropractor, a naturopath and a spiritual healer.

About Suzie

Since finding Suzie, I now only need to see Suzie!! Because she gets right to the root cause of what’s going on in my mind and body, all other avenues are healed through this also. There is no doubt in my mind that Suzie has changed my life…

After my Sessions

I used to say I suffer from anxiety that was at times crippling but I would now say that I no longer suffer from it at all. She has lifted the weight off my shoulders that allows me to live in a positive state of mind, feeling lighter and free from negative thoughts and moods and my whole life benefits from it… esp my husband and children.

I’m me again

I’m not a different person, just the person that’s always been there buried under all the rubbish that Suzie has now cleared!

Bec Smith

Distance Healing – Sydney to Adelaide

I have recently had a few distance Kinesiology sessions with Suzie by Skype – I found I had the same sort of results by distance session as I normally do in person. I am really impressed with the changes I have experienced.

About Suzie

Suzie’s approach is very clear cut, very accurate, and great value for money. She has a vibrant personality and a lovely energy.

My results

I have been able to clear a lot of stress from my mind and body in a very short time. She has helped me work through issues of self-identity, confidence and I have shifted difficult negative beliefs and emotions. I recommend Suzie’s distance sessions to anyone wanting to shift stress, fear or trauma from their lives.

Millie Jane

Before my Sessions

I have experienced both skype and in person sessions with Suzie. Before having kinergetics sessions I suffered chronic fatigue, foggy brain so was constantly exhausted. I was using my last bouts of energy to learn/memorise information and had nothing left for myself at the end of the day. Many of my days were filled with light depression.

During my Sessions

The heavy metal correction I had in a session gave me an immediate result.

My Results

I felt ‘awesome’ in that my foggy brain lifted and I started working again. It is no longer difficult to think and remember, this is now effortless as it should be. Following each treatment my life felt more manageable, I had more energy and was generally inspired and more motivated. On the side, I have also noticed my skin looks younger!!

Adriana Sleeman

About Suzie

Suzie has a heart of gold and a knack for getting to the core of an issue that can be totally out of our own site, her holistic dedicated approach and attention to detail was brilliant. Thank you for supporting me on my journey.

Tamara Newlands

Received both Distance and In Clinic sessions

I am a Registered Kinesiologist and have received kinergetics balances from Suzie both in person and remote while studying Kinergetics.

Distance Healings

It’s still surprising to me how powerful kinesiology/kinergetics balances can be when done over Skype or the phone to shift emotional energy.

About Suzie

Being a naturopath Suzie has a great understanding of the body and health conditions, and combining this with Kinergetics has created an impressive practitioner. During a remote balance she was able to determine issues from my childhood impacting my relationship to money and other people (quite insightful), which were impactful to my current goals. I have no reservation recommending her for sessions.

Grant Schalchlin

Years of Searching

I cannot recommend Suzie and Kinergetics highly enough. I have had truly profound shifts that I have never experienced in my 10 years as an energetic healing practitioner.

Being an intuitive who can ‘see’ and ‘feel’ energy, I was able to observe and experience during my sessions, phenomenal healing. Those experiences were more incredible and deeply moving than any words can ever describe.

Treating the Root Cause

Furthermore, kinergetics allowed my body to access and release deeply buried childhood trauma plus unconscious negative blocks that have affected every aspect of my adult life, relationships, abundance, without me even knowing. Most importantly for me was that Kinergetics allowed these blocks to be released gently without having to relive the trauma or memories.

It’s Your Time

This is a gift that all people should have the benefit to experience, to elevate their life and bring them back to their Divine self.

Beryl Truong

About Suzie

It’s obvious to me that Suzie is a natural healer working with a genuine passion and intention to bring about healing in her clients.

My Sessions

In our first session I could feel the love and the reverence Suzie has for kinesiology and I believe her own glowing health can be attributed to the effects of working with kinesiology.

Each session I had with Suzie felt nurturing and healing. I was sleepy and relaxed by the end of our time together and felt that this was due to the deep healing my body had undergone.

I absolutely recommend Suzie Kerkin as a wonderful, caring and gifted Kinesiologist who will instantly make you feel comfortable and cared for.

Amanda Rademaker

My Changes

I recently received three sessions of Kinergetics from Suzie Kerkin and would like to say a big thank you to Suzie for the positive results I experienced. From more energy to de-cluttering and throwing things out that had been asking for it for many years to facing old issues that had gone past their used by date.

Practitioner Referral

I was so impressed that I referred one of my clients who was in need of special emotional support. Suzie you handled yourself professionally and confidently. Good luck with your career.

Misha Frankel

Suzie’s support

Suzie has been such a supporting pillar for me in my journey. I leave each session feeling a renewed sense of confidence through her guidance. I get so much value out of each session and feel like it continues to add more and more value as I dive deeper. Thanks so much Suzie, I am truly grateful for you and your work.


Neha Chandra

My Results

I have had three Kinergetics sessions with Suzie Kerkin. Along with a dietary detox, eliminating caffeine and sugar, I have found that since these sessions, I am more positive, more energised and focused, and more determined to work towards, and achieve, my goals.

Relief from Anxiety and Depression

I have experienced anxiety and depression in the past, and I can honestly say that since experiencing Kinergetics, I have remained in a positive and upbeat frame of mind. I no longer feel ‘stuck’ in the past, or regretful about past decisions. Nor am I anxious about the future. I feel fully present, motivated and determined to take action and realise my dreams.

People have noticed me change

I have also had many compliments and positive comments about how well I look from both friends and acquaintances. Comments ranging from ‘your skin looks great’ to ‘you look really happy’. It is always nice to receive compliments from people around you who notice the difference!

About Suzie

I can highly recommend Suzie Kerkin. Not only is she an experienced practitioner who is very professional, thorough and really knows her stuff. She is also a very personable, calm and focused person.

Sessions with Suzie

The sessions are relaxed, easy and safe. Suzie also walks the talk, having spent many years as a naturopath and holistic healer and having gone through the process of Kinergetic healing for herself. She believes in what she does and this belief and attitude shines through her work. If you want to change your life and move forward, try Kinergetics for yourself.

Gill Crowhurst

About Suzie

I highly recommend Suzie as a kinesiologist. I have had the pleasure of receiving many balances from Suzie over the years and have found her not only to be a genuine, compassionate person but also a professional and skilled practitioner who has the ability to quickly get to the heart of any issue at hand.

Distance Healing – Sydney to Sydney

Recently she was able to assist me via distance healing to find underlying anxieties in order to help me develop more confidence and motivation in my career goals.

Alison Miller

About Suzie

I have seen a number of practitioners over the past 20 years and Suzie Kerkin is the best I’ve seen. Suzie’s style is thorough, intelligent and professional. Suzie also provides a space which is safe and caring and allows you to experience the best results possible. I would describe Suzie as a true healer and this comes through in all of her sessions. Without reservation I would recommend Suzie to anyone who is after better health outcomes plus a renewed and more positive approach to life. Suzie’s work has really impacted me for the better.

Alex M

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