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Digital Detox is the most modern detox of our time which will greatly improve our lives. WAIT!!!!! Are you getting palpitations by reading the title? Don't click out. Hear me out. Before we go any further, we all know the hold our devices, particularly our smartphones...

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Peace to Illness

We live in a world full of stress and toxins. Those of us that live in large cities are especially prone to stress and toxic overload. I though take a positive view on this living situation which after all we take on by choice. It is possible to keep our bodies...

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Kinergetics is a branch of kinesiology. In my 20 year career in natural health, I have found kinergetics to be the most profound treatment in tackling the true cause of any imbalance of the body. What is an imbalance? An imbalance in the body should be viewed as...

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Mercury Detox

You are likely reading this blog because mercury has been discussed during your kinergetics session. If you've taken chlorella home with you, then you are already in the process of eliminating it from your body. This is really exciting because it is a heavy metal and...

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Digestion Detox Package

Absolute Wellbeing’s DIGESTION DETOX PACKAGE Your body will thank you for honouring yourself with this Digestion Detox Package. The digestive system plays a vital role in the health of the entire body. Therefore, as a naturopath, I always consider the health of the...

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Jaw Release Package

Absolute Wellbeing's  JAW RELEASE PACKAGE Your body will thank you for taking up this Jaw Release Package. A relaxed jaw is the foundation of a relaxed and healthy body able to function out of fight and flight response. Often, unconsciously, our body is constantly in...

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Overall Wellbeing Package

Overall Wellbeing Package Ahhh, it is time. With the object of YOU finally putting yourself first. This OVERALL WELLBEING package not only offers an EAR CANDLING session. It further includes a well deserved 60 minute REMEDIAL MASSAGE. Then a further 60 minute...

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Ear Candling

The Legend The magic of fire has fascinated people from the very beginning of time. Further, ear candling also evokes curiosity and is an effective ancient remedy in removing wax and impurities from the ear. Only natural ingredients are used. Therefore, Biosun candles...

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The Temporo Mandibular Joint (TMJ) consists of bones, ligaments, muscles, nerves and joints. This area is often the first area treated in a Kinergetics session for good reason. It firstly stores 90% tension of the entire body. Therefore, by releasing this area we are...

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