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Kinesiology specifically targets your needs

The words 'specifically targets' in relation to your healthcare is a very powerful thing. I love kinesiology because it truly does get right to the root cause of your discomfort, balances the body and provides relief. It doesn't matter if your discomfort is physical,...

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Chakra’s Explained

When we heal through kinesiology we are healing with energy. Our systems are made of energy and when our bodies are not functioning as we like there is a disruption to the energy which needs to be balanced. This is where chakra's are explained. Chakra's Explained...

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Kinergetics Accurate Testing

Kinergetics Accurate Testing Kinesiology is simply the study of movement. We analyse movement in the form of testing the strength of different muscles in your body. From here we are able to accurately begin to form a picture of your overall health. Certain muscles we...

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Healing Zinc

Healing Zinc Zinc is a mineral which plays such an important role in our bodies. Zinc virtually assists every enzyme reaction in our bodies. It's important for our immune health, general healing in the body whether post operative or during times of a minor cold. The...

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Good night’s sleep

How important is a good night's sleep? If we are sleeping well, we don't even think about it. When we aren't and insomnia takes hold, it really can rule our lives as we feel tired, foggy, constant yawning, not able to concentrate, having a poor memory, etc, etc, etc....

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Diet Pyramid in moderation

Diet Pyramid in Moderation Diet Pyramid in Moderation is the second of a 3 part guide of foods to eat in moderation. Part 1: Foundations of diet Part 3: Healthy Diet Pyramid's Peak.  Animal Protein Animal protein is a very efficient type of protein meaning the body...

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Healthy Diet Pyramid Foundations

The Foundations of the Healthy Diet Pyramid I'm excited The foundations of the healthy diet pyramid is looking a lot better than ever before. My introduction to healthy eating was that grains were our number one go to. Also that all fats were just flat out BAD! Phew,...

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Fabulous Fermented Food

Fabulous Fermented Food Fabulous fermented food is a subject close to my heart because I feel it is one of the major pieces of the puzzle missing in our modern diets. Click this link to find out more about a modern day healthy diet pyramid. Of course, back in the day...

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Body Building Broth

So body building broth is that and so much more. Its healing to the body, adds nutrition and furthermore tastes great. Body Building Broth Think about what goes into our body building broth. First the different types of bones. Then of course vegetables and water. Some...

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