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Solar Plexus Chakra

I accept myself completely. My personal power is growing stronger everyday. Honour One Self The Solar Plexus chakra is the third of seven main chakra's set between the naval and diagphram. It governs the liver and the gall bladder and also the spleen, stomach and the...

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Sacral Chakra

I open myself to others naturally. Creative and sexual energy have the power to create and transform. Honour One Another The sacral chakra's the first of seven main chakra's set at the naval centre. Furthermore, the Sacral Chakra is our emotional centre. For that...

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Root Chakra

I am rooted in life and in myself. I am safe, stable and secure. All is ONE The root chakra's the first of seven main chakra's set at the base of the spine. It encompass' the pelvis and sexual organs. Furthermore this chakra keeps us grounded to mother earth as our...

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Releasing Magnesium

Releasing Magnesium Imagine your entire body throwing bits of tension out of each cell allowing you to just be! Magnesium is often referred to as the relaxer of the body. It is a mineral I love my clients to take during their kinesiology journey. Our aim is to have...

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Are You Hydrated?

Nutrition and dehydration go hand in hand. The question, "Are you hydrated?"  is an important one, and something that is checked upon prior to every kinesiology session. Unfortunately hydration isn't just about the amount of water we are drinking. We can be drinking 2...

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Kinesiology specifically targets your needs

The words 'specifically targets' in relation to your healthcare is a very powerful thing. I love kinesiology because it truly does get right to the root cause of your discomfort, balances the body and provides relief. It doesn't matter if your discomfort is physical,...

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Chakra’s Explained

When we heal through kinesiology we are healing with energy. Our systems are made of energy and when our bodies are not functioning as we like there is a disruption to the energy which needs to be balanced. This is where chakra's are explained. Chakra's Explained...

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Kinergetics Accurate Testing

Kinergetics Accurate Testing Kinesiology is simply the study of movement. We analyse movement in the form of testing the strength of different muscles in your body. From here we are able to accurately begin to form a picture of your overall health. Certain muscles we...

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Healing Zinc

Healing Zinc Zinc is a mineral which plays such an important role in our bodies. Zinc virtually assists every enzyme reaction in our bodies. It's important for our immune health, general healing in the body whether post operative or during times of a minor cold. The...

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