Nutrition and dehydration go hand in hand. The question, “Are you hydrated?”  is an important one, and something that is checked upon prior to every kinesiology session. Unfortunately hydration isn’t just about the amount of water we are drinking. We can be drinking 2 litres of water daily, and still be dehydrated. Hydration techniques in kinesiology sessions are vital to ensure we are utilising our water well. That we are absorbing it, utilising it and eliminating it well. Just drinking it then running to the loo is not adequate.



The quality of the water we drink is important and confusing. There are so many water filters, water on our supermarket shelves and of course tap water. To keep this simple I’ll hop straight to the chase. Zazen is a good place to start in your research to getting yourself well hydrated. First of all, zazen provides mineralised water so many essential nutrients are added back into the water naturally. Just as mother nature does it, following the filtration process. Next, it is alkaline, which is beneficial for the body. This is my system of choice and I’d recommend it or any system that compares.

Are you Hydrated?

Are you Hydrated?

The best technique to answer the question, “Are you hydrated?” is to simply have a muscle test. At the beginning of every session I test, ‘water, hydration, dehydration.’ If the body tests hydration is OK, we proceed with our session. If not, we stop, drink, retest, then proceed. Other more everyday points you can check off yourself include:

  • Firstly, are you drinking plain old H2O? Plain water as it is and as nature intended?
  • What is the colour of your urine?-  it should be light straw-like colour with no odour.
  • Do you feel thirsty? If so, your certainly dehydrated.
  • Do you suffer from constipation?
  • How much tea, coffee or other caffeine are you drinking?
  • And alcohol?
  • Salty or processed foods such as cured meats and processed foods?
  • What is the temperature outside?- the hotter the more likely we will be dehydrated.
  • Amount of exercise- If your exercising you need to up your intake

These are a few questions to ask yourself to answer the question, are you hydrated?

A technique that help

Simply hold your hands with fingers and thumb tight together over the kidneys for 2 minutes each side.

Hands over kidneys- Are you hydrated?

Hydration is very important. During every session we test hydration levels. Furthermore, we further correct hydration in so much as a body hydration technique or brain hydration technique. Occasionally we focus on hydration and trauma release in the same technique.  This is because hydration isn’t just about the amount we drink. Rather it is about how the body absorbs, utilises and eliminates water too. In contrast, you can drink water and if not utilised well you will soon be running to the toilet without the water going to any good use as a result.

Rest assured, during your sessions we will certainly concentrate on area’s you ask for help. Whether it be relationship issues, anxiety or a painful lower back. In addition to this, I will work on your basic foundation of health. Keeping you hydrated and relaxed so your at your absolute best to go out there, tackle the world and enjoy it to your max!

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