Suzie Kerkin

1:1 Coaching via Kinesiology

with Suzie Kerkin

A powerful 8-week 1:1 self-discovery journey

Join me on a powerful 8-week 1:1 self-discovery journey. Be the best version of yourself by setting goals at your most powerful astrological time then releasing blocks via kinesiology to manifest your goals into reality

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Imagine living your best life.

Simply setting a goal and achieving it.

Have you ever put thought into why you don’t achieve what we really want in this life?

Why you might unconsciously sabotage yourself?

Block yourself from achieving whatever it is you desire?

Coaching via kinesiology is coaching with a twist

Your 8-week 1:1 self-discovery journey will break frustrations of past self-sabotaging patterns toward achieving your goals.

The key to successfully starting this new chapter in your life, is to be clear on what you want, then set these intentions at the most precise astrological time. To add strength to our formula we use the power of kinesiology, and put old and outdated belief systems, past traumas and negatively held emotions, causing these sabotaging patterns to bed.

Coaching via Kinesiology

What you’ll receive on your 1:1 journey over 8-weeks

(either face to face or online sessions)

1 x 90-minute 1:1 INITIAL activation session
  • Let’s anchor your conscious wishes with your inner authentic wishes                                                                                      
  • Prior to your first session I will give you a package and part of that will be an initiation to gaining clarity in your life.
5 x 60-minutes of 1:1 Inner Work Sessions

Now we dive into your inner space- all your conscious and unconscious self will come under the spot light in a safe healing space. They are accurate and pin-pointed to your life. Understanding and clearing the root cause is crucial for change.    

Initial Goal Setting Guide

Let’s get specific is what you would like to achieve by setting S.M.A.R.T. goals. 

2 Manifestation Guides

Let’s start to feel inner connection to your goals and identify what area’s of your goal setting you have resistance too. 

2 Individually Targeted Australian Bush Flower Remedies

Utilising BACH and Australian Bush Flower Essences for you between sessions to keep your vibration high. 

2 Individually Targeted Chakra Essential Oils

Let’s give an extra depth of support by targeting 2 chakra’s in the body needing balancing and enjoy essential oils daily to balance.

A Detox formula & a Magnesium supplement essential to support you through this time of detox

The work we do IS POWERFUL. You will be detoxifying and releasing so this support each day is essential. 

Learn the secrets of powerful manifesting

Suzie will guide you on what to do, AND what not to do to ensure powerful manifestation

Your Gift to Yourself

Paid in Full

$1,590 upfront with discount included

Payment Plan

Week 1    $700

Week 2   $490

Week 4   $490

Upon completing your program, you can book additional follow-up sessions as needed



your goals


feel fulfilled

Why work with Suzie?

Suzie has the tools you need to move toward your best self. Everything you create and achieve comes from your ability to love and accept yourself and to do that you must engage in inner work. With 25 years experience in kinesiology and naturopathy Suzie walks the talk in her life and will help you dive into yours..

You are unique and so the unravelling of your inner self during this profound journey will be unique to you and will astound you. Experience how kinesiology and manifestation can tap into your inner world, identify the root cause of imbalances and limiting belief systems, then release them on the spot!

You are fully supported both during and between sessions.

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