Suzie Kerkin

As a kinesiologist, Suzie acts as your guide and coach pin-pointing and releasing root causes to your issues for long lasting results. She combines Kinesiology and Naturopathy in every session and is skilled in shifting you into your best self.  

Centrally Located in the

Inner West Suburb of Five Dock Sydney

Only you know who you truly are under the hurts, trauma’s and negative held emotions you and your ancestor’s have held onto. With 25 years experience in thousands of healing sessions Suzie will release blocks and restrictions to allow you to show this true side of yourself.

By combining the most up to date research of kinesiology with ancient techniques each session is 100% tailored to release YOUR BLOCKS.  You will be amazed at the results you feel within yourself.

                                            Why Kinesiology?

Specifically Targeted

Kinesiology specifically targets and accurately accesses what your body needs to heal.  Rest assured there is no guess work during your healing sessions. 

Feel Whole Again

Do you at times feel there is something missing in your life. Wonder about life and think, “What’s this all for?” Let kinesiology allow you to feel whole again and have purpose if your life. 

Kinesiology Castle Hill
Crystal Castle

Fast Acting

Kinesiology is fast acting, so within a few sessions clients often report feeling calmer with obvious relief from initial symptoms. 


It Works?

There is no one blanket solution in healing. You are unique and your kinesiology sessions are tapping into YOUR body and guiding YOU on this spiritual journey we call life.


I’m a proud member of the Kinergetics National Association and ATMS which is Australia’s largest Natural Therapies Association.  I’ve been a proud member for over 20 years right here in the Sydney’s Northern Suburbs 

Kinesiology Castle Hill- showing ATMS
Kinesiology Castle Hill- showing ATMS

                                                   Why Suzie?

25 years experience

 You are unique and your kinesiology sessions of tapping into YOUR body and guiding YOU on this spiritual journey we call life. Either consciously or unconsciously you hold the key to your healing. 

Kinesiology and Naturopathy

Suzie is trained in both kinesiology and naturopathy giving you a broader scope of healing.

Specialising in Kinergetics

I am a healer, your personal detective. It is my mission in every single session using Kinergetics to get into the zone using the tools I have tried and tested over the years with pinpoint precision ‘READ’ your body and heal


 I’m able to give you sessions in clinic in the Inner West suburb of Five Dock, or anywhere in the world.


Kinesiology Castle Hill- showing flower

In Clinic Sessions

Kinesiology Castle Hill- showing distance

By Distance

Sessions from the comfort of your own home. Whether your unwell, away or living in a different part of the world.

We will connect via video on What’s App or phone

Kinesiology Castle Hill- showing flower

Invest in Your Future

If your not feeling like yourself, it’s your time to invest in yourself. 

Session Pricing

The Value of Kinesiology

Whether you suffer physical pain, emotional trauma or are just feeling generally stressed and anxious, you have got everything to gain in trying kinesiology. Your not feeling like your true self because your holding onto a lifetime of blocks and restrictions in the way of past negative emotions and trauma’s, now it’s your time to release.  

So how does kinergetics work?

Let’s say you suffer symptoms of anxiety. The root cause of the anxiety is likely to result from moments in your life which were stressful and you have held onto. This stress may have first originated with the anxiety you suffered as you felt so alone in high school. Next, the divorce of your parents when your were a 17. Again from a death of a loved one at age 25, and more recently being bullied at work. As a result of all these situations from the past you thought you’d dealt with, well they are still there, programmed into your cells and the root causes of your current anxiety symptoms. Furthermore, your body is programmed to respond to them unconsciously.

Imagine you could just erase the negative emotions from these life events, giving you a fresh start and relieving your anxiety symptoms. You can.  It’s your time to release these past events so they no longer affect you. It is now time for you to live free from anxiety and calmly respond to situations as they arise rather than anxiously.

It’s Your Time

I’ve treated hundreds of clients and am skilled at removing your daily unconscious reaction to blocks and restrictions. Think of it like a spring clean. You will respond to life situations with ease. Life will be more comfortable and enjoyable.

Come in and try kinesiology in Five Dock or from the comfort of your own home via zoom.

Kinesiology Castle Hill- showing world
Kinesiology Castle Hill- showing world

                                        Gift Certificates Available

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