100% Pure Egyptian Essential Oils

Exotic hand-picked essential oils from Luxor, Egypt are now available in clinic

Our enlightened journey in the mystique ancient land of Egypt was on my manifestation list for many years. From pyramids to temples, the friendly enthusiasm of people, delicious, nutritious mediterranean food

We attended a beautiful perfumery in Luxor and hand-picked essential oils to bring to Australia which have been used in ancient Egypt for thousands of years. These are now available to you…

But for now here is a brief overview of a fabulous journey I shared with my partner Peter.

Our 2-week journey of Egypt


Our two-weeks from lower to upper Egypt and back again. First days were in the capital of Egypt, Cairo. Famously, home of the Grand Pyramids, the Sphinx, and many temples and lesser- known pyramids.

First Pyramid

Nestled amidst the desert sands of Egypt’s Dahshur Necropolis, the first sight for us, up close was the Red Pyramid, just being in the desert next to a pyramid was amazing.  We hardly took in a word from our guide because we were so in awe of the majestic structure in our presence. Before we caught our breath we were already led inside the pyramid. The tunnels of pyramids lead to chambers, so we  crouched and walked firstly down, then back up into the center. The experience was exhilarating, and we made the center of this great pyramid which we enjoyed alone, not such a big drawer of tourists due to it slightly remote location, and so we meditated in what was a long-awaited visit into a sacred chamber of an Egyptian pyramid.

Me with our guide Moustafa and partner Peter at The Pyramid of Djoser, better known as the Step Pyramid of Djoser, an archaeological site in the Saqqara necropolis

To be inside a pyramid that offers such great mystery of its existence was breath taking. The relative ease journeying through the tunnels of all the pyramids surprised us as we were accessing the sacred chambers. Of course, as we walked into different pyramids around Cairo, we did need to watch our heads, and at times there was slow two-way traffic but all in all very accessible indeed.  We also on our last day felt the joy of riding camels in such an iconic ancient land.

essential oils

1. The famous Great Sphinx of Giza is a limestone statue with the head of a human and the body of a lion.  2. And the plains of Egypt with random pyramids distributed throughout the desert.

The Perfection of Egypt

Our guide, and now lifetime friend Moustafa, an Egyptologist, guided us through the wonder at the perfection of angles and the placement of temples, the exact geometry of artifacts. The pure size of statues of praised gods and goddesses throughout temple after temple, all that would seem impossible to replicate today. So who built these ancient structures?

The mysteries to boggle the mind started on day one and stayed for the entire journey that continued over and over again to bathe our senses with joy, wonder and a sense of being right at home. A surprise in Egypt was the cuisine. Peter and I always looked forward to the next restaurant Moustafa would introduce us to. So many delish vegetable dishes and charcoaled meats.

Aswan and Abu Simbel

Next, it was time to fly to upper Egypt. We had many early mornings, long days and at times crowds. We walked through many mystic temples, deciphered the meanings of ‘stories’ in the way of painted art on the walls of the temples. The famous statues at Abu Simbel, just north of Sudan, of Ramses 2 temple. The sheer size was aimed to intimidate attackers as they approach the land of Egypt and equally famous for the fact it was relocated in the 1960s with the construction of the Aswan Dam.


Temple of ISIS

In Aswan we enjoyed dinner in a family home of the Nubian Village. We visited the legendary Temple of Isis. It was the sacred site of goddess Isis. Only accessible by boat can the temple be accessed, and we were also fortunate to visit the original entrance, gate, of the originally placed Isis temple. In Aswan we enjoyed the evening street comedy, Fallucca rides at sunset, temples and the magnificent Aswan Dam.

Isis Temple

Approaching the Temple of Isis


From Aswan we cruised for three days along the River Nile to Luxor, wow. I’m not a cruise kinda girl, but this I’m sure I will aim to do again. We visited temples along the way, each day. Each temple dedicated to different gods or goddesses.

Arriving in Luxor we visited sensational temples. We drove through the West bank to Valley of the Kings.

Dendera Temple of Hathor

A day at Dendera Temple of Hathor, permanently imprinted in my memory. A sacred encounter with her, accessed via a ladder and narrow entrance we bellied into her stunning chamber. In another area of the temple, the Zodiac of Dendera. Not the original which is now in the Louvre Museum, Paris, but for anyone with any interest in astrology an amazing site indeed.

Karnak Temple and Goddess Sekhmet

At Karnak Temple we had a magical encounter with Goddess Sekhmet. Located in a shrine away from tourist crowds, stunningly and perfectly carved of granite she stood. Body of a beautiful slender woman with a lioness head crowned with a sun disk. This first encounter was a once-in-a-lifetime sacred experience.

Sensational town of Abydos

Then onto another unforgettable location, Abydos, and the Temple of Osiris.  Abydos temple in honor of the God Osiris and a relic at the far back of the temple, a place that felt so special with healing waters, a carving of the Flower of Life. An amazing topic here in the world of sacred geometry.


The majestic River Nile overlooking the West Bank


And finally, back to Cairo. A morning amusing our minds with artifacts in the Cairo museum. Thank goodness for our wonderful Moustafa. I’m sure we would never have navigated our way through the thousands of artifacts that are displayed without him.

And now, back to YOU!

essential oils for you,

from the sacred energies of Egypt

During our sacred journey of Egypt we did soak the energies of its surrounds. We experienced first hand something I have been drawn to and indulge in daily, essential oils. These essential oils, one for each of the seven main chakras present to you separately in 10ml roller bottles. Priced affordably from $30 to $35 you can also enjoy the sacred energy firsthand as did the gods and goddesses many thousands of years ago.

Take up the opportunity as they are limited. These luxurious feeling scents can be applied straight onto your pulse points. Allow the energy of whichever scent you choose to bring balance to your energy, your chakras. Allow yourself to absorb the energy from Egypt.

Now available in clinic,

100% Pure Egyptian Oils

offering alignment and balancing of your sacred energy


Crown Chakra.           Frankincense Oil

Third Eye Chakra.      Blue Lotus Oil

Throat Chakra.           Eucalyptus Oil

Heart Chakra.             Rose Oil

Solar Plexus Chakra.  Isis Oil

Sacral Chakra.            Myrrh Oil

Root Base Chakra.     Royal Amber Oil


essential oils


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