Sabotaging your Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health is often an aspect of our lives we neglect. Whether it be consciously or unconsciously. Many of us connect spirituality with religious orders because this is what we were born into. We may have negative associations to religion. Spirituality may be represented in our lives by our association with religion and our daily and weekly actions to keep this strong. This may involve going to church. Praying before meals or celebrating feasts throughout the year. This, if it resonates with you is wonderful. If not there is nothing to worry about as spiritually can show in our lives in many other ways.

Our Values and Beliefs

Spirituality involves us focusing on our values, beliefs and sense of identity. It gives us a sense of purpose in our life. We don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. Spirituality is different for everyone., It is considered a connection to God, the universe, or a higher power. Whenever in truth that we stop and reflect. Consider or reconsider our actions. Whenever we DO good for others. We are connecting and living our purpose. It’s a mistake to think that the spiritual side of life doesn’t matter.

Our whole being

When we look at our whole self, and treatments nurturing our whole self we must look further than quick fixes. These are often not beneficial and often lead to short term relief and long term damage.  We understand for example that antibiotics have there use in emergency scenarios. If we have a strong infection that if not treated via a course of antibiotics risks our life than we don’t think twice. We know though that antibiotics, as once very basic example, are overused. We know they are not beneficial for our wholistic health we are aiming to achieve. Yet at time we are tempted. Or scared by a medical professional into taking precautionary measures.

Your in charge of your health

We need to look at all remedies we are either prescribed, or prescribe ourselves, and ask, ‘Is this remedy treating my whole self.’ This includes herbs, vitamins and foods. Check out the foundations of a healthy diet pyramid for more information.  We need to look further always. Further into our emotional health, our mental health and our spiritual health. No more band aids. No more quick fixes. We know if we have a physical ailment there is also an emotional, mental and spiritual element to it and that need to be addressed if treated wholly.

Treat the whole you

This is why I’m so in love with kinesiology. It tackles the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of our health in each and every treatment. Your body even knows the order that treatment needs to get to its very best. A skilled kinesiologist can easily determine this information. Treat the body and clear any blocks and restrictions to achieving full health.

We’ve lost an important part of what makes us human. We distract ourselves from periods of silence and connecting to our own inner self. We do this because we are programmed to be busy. This I believe is why anxiety is so rife in our community. An often missing link of spirituality. Just to stop and reflect. Have a clear outlook on life.

Evaluating our spiritual health

Evaluate your Spiritual health…..

  • I am fulfilled everyday
  • I’m grateful for all I have in my life
  • I connect to nature, or art or music
  • I am guided and looked after in some magical way
  • I’m passionate about…..


Kinergetics accesses your perceptions, thought-forms and belief systems. All your emotions and all information relating to a stress. So rather than do the same thing over and over again, resulting in stress, you now do differently, and expect different results. Today can be a new beginning!


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