The Foundations of the Healthy Diet Pyramid

I’m excited

The foundations of the healthy diet pyramid is looking a lot better than ever before. My introduction to healthy eating was that grains were our number one go to. Also that all fats were just flat out BAD! Phew, life has changed. The diet pyramid I have posted here is exciting. It’s new age if you like. Let me walk you through the foundations step by step.

This is the first of a 3 part series outlining the Healthy Diet Pyramid

Part 2: Diet Pyramid in Moderation

Part 3: Healthy Diet Pyramid’s Peak

The Foundations

Grass Fed Animal Foods

Grass Fed Animals and the healthy diet pyramid Why grass fed and not organic I hear you say. Well the reason is because grass in natural. It’s nutritious and the right food for animals. Organic may mean the animal isn’t fed its natural diet and grains or other foods not great for the animal. Of course organic grass is best and we are lucky in this country that this is often what is consumed.


Broth to give us strength and the healthy diet pyramid I love broth. So many nutrients and best because it is the way nature intended. Think about a bone and ligaments of an animal. The strength is processes. Of course it makes sense it will be a really healthy foundation for us all. And life is easier these days that we don’t have to boil bones over our cook tops for days on end. Of course we can. But we don’t have to. There are now many products on the market that do the hard work for us. We can buy broth dried and just add it to our food. Add it to just about anything really. Ready for a blog dedicated just to the topic of broth..

Fermented Foods

Fermented Vegetables and the healthy diet pyramid Once upon a time I ran fermentation classes because I often think this is the missing piece of the puzzle. The nutrition that comes from fermented foods is amazing. Vitamins and minerals. Beneficial bugs. Yep that’s right- yeast and bacteria. Our bodies in fact cannot live with out them. When healthy we have more beneficial micro organisms than our own living cells. Include fermented foods often into your diet. Ready for a blog dedicated just to the topic of fermentation..

Soaking and Sprouting

Soaking and sprouting grains, nuts and seeds and the healthy diet pyramid

Something I love to do because it’s just fun. Soaking nuts, seeds and grains should just be a must. 8 hours in brine (salt and water) or (water and whey). This will greatly help with the digestibility of these foods.


This is something I’m OK with in moderation because if done too often we may miss vital nutrition. I’ve blogged about fibre in the past and of course this is a missing component. When we take an orange and juice it we are missing the fibre. If we simply blend the orange without straining then we get the whole food which is better. The other reason if we stick to our orange scenario here. Usually in a glass of orange juice there are several oranges. It doesn’t seem healthy to stop and eat several oranges in one session. Does it?

Quality Water and Salt

Ever heard me talk about water before. Oh my, it is probably the thing I rave about the most. I’ll soon be posting on the benefits of water. Watch this space. Salt is also important. The thing here is that it must be the right type. If your choosing Celtic or Himalayan salt then your on the right track. These are full of vitamins and minerals, specifically over 80 of them. A great addition and at the same time tasty.


I’m a naturopath and I’ve been trained to prescribe supplements. I do wonder if today clients are being over prescribed. I believe supplements have there role to play in keeping us at our best. When we are being prescribed 4,5 or more, then I wonder what is going on. I love this quote.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food, Hypocrites.


So that is it for the foundations of the diet pyramid. I’ll continue walking you through this amazing pyramid soon.

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