What exactly is Kinesiology?

I always say, kinesiology needs to be experienced to be understood! I’m sure if you’ve heard of kinesiology, you would have wondered; What exactly is Kinesiology? However, in this blog I am going to try to have you understand the essential benefits kinesiology can offer you!!!

Kinesiology is a healing modality that gets to the root cause of whatever blocks and restrictions you are feeling and holding onto. 

Try this exercise – 

  1. Close your eyes – for 5 rounds inhale and exhale slowly; feel your internal energy

  2.  Think about your life, your self talk patterns etc – Really stop and feel yourself

  3.  What are you thinking? What are you feeling?

  4.  What are you holding onto that you know DOES NOT serve you? 

  5.  Now open your eyes and be fully aware of what areas of your life you’d like to release.

You may have felt guilt, that not achieving your goals, you have relationship blocks or may be limiting your income stream. There are so many possibilities.




What does it feel like to be truly liberated?

  • Feeling free
  • Free of concern
  • Free of worry
  • Free of heaviness
  • Being present
  • Being spontaneous
  • Allowing flow of life
  • Trusting the universe that life can be great
  • Feeling joy

Being this person- the true you – without even trying!


How will Kinesiology help you?

Let me explain it this way.

Imagine your mind and body as a giant hard drive.                                                                                   All the information from your life and past generations are contained on your hard drive. Every single thought, emotion and experience you have had – all of it – is stored on your hard drive. So….




You are carrying trauma and hardship from your life as well as that from your parents, grandparents and so forth. There is a lot of information on your hard drive affecting the way you are living your life. You only consciously remember a small percentage of this information. You simply forget and store away most of the day to day hurts and traumas you have felt.




By using kinesiology and muscle testing your body we will access 100% of your hard drive. Everything you remember and everything you don’t.  We will bring to your consciousness why you do what you do. Why you act as you act. Why you react the way you react.

The information on your hard drive is stored in every cell of your body, hence causing you to attract like energy. For example, if your parents and grandparents had low self-love and did not allow themselves to live life to their potential; it is likely you are repeating the same pattern. For example, you may likewise sabotage your own self care, like they did. You may in the same way, stall on a dream holiday, like they did. Furthermore, you may be carrying extra weight “protection”, like they did.  The examples here can go on and on. This stored hardship UNCONSCIOUSLY has you acting and responding in ways that continue to attract hardship. You will continue to sabotage joy in your life if you hold onto this energy.


If you are ready to feel liberated, you need to release the negative bonds you are holding onto in your hard drive. Kinesiology is perfect in getting to the root cause and releasing the past to allow you to live in your present.

Instead of continuing to sabotage your goals, release the ties you have with your past. Moving forward, allow yourself to act consciously, respond rather than react to your life. Move forward with grace and ease. Move to a life of joy rather than feel stuck in survival mode.


About Suzie


I have worked in natural health for over 20 years and each session I feel honored to work hand in hand with each client freeing their hard drive and allowing them to being the person they know they are truly able to be.



How does a Kinesiology session look?

A session of kinesiology involves a brief chat, catch up if you like. We start our session on the same page with where you are in life. You then ‘hop on the table’ and settle into your healing energy. From here we communicate with your body, your energy and access; using your muscles to get to the root cause of what is stored on your hard drive. As a fundamental, each session from here is tailored solely to your needs. Healing is instant, we access information throughout the session, we clear any blocks that appear and continually peel away at anything blocking you being your best you. Liberated!

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