Healthy Diet Pyramid’s Peak

The Healthy Diet Pyramid’s Peak, or top are foods we should add into our daily diets. This blog is the last of a 3 part series following the Healthy Diet Pyramid Foundations and Diet Pyramid in Moderation. Together these 3 blogs will ensure we meet our nutritional requirements to good health. We will be in good stead to be nourished, cleansed and able to build strength.

Fruit and Grains once upon a time was included in the foundations of the healthy diet pyramid. That is, the eat most section. These foods were considered foods we should consume most. Now they are at the top of the healthy diet pyramid and suggested to be consumed the least when considering a healthy diet.


Healthy Diet Pyramid's Peak

Fruit is delicious and should be included in the daily diet. They are full of nutrients, fibre and carbohydrates. There are however some points here to be noted.

  • Aim for a variety of fruit in your diet. Eating just melons for example may lead to high sugar intake.
  • Variety of colour in the fruit we select should be noted. Different colours in fruit is said to provide different antioxidants.
  • The glycaemic index of fruit should be noted. Fruits can be very high in sugar which can affect blood sugar. Consuming 1-2 pieces a day is fine when tolerated.
  • Some fruits need to be chosen wisely as they may be sprayed with toxic substances during there growing process. These fruits of course should be consumed as organic only when possible.
  • Fruits are best consumed as fresh rather than dried or juiced.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and Seeds have become a very popular inclusion in our everyday diets. Whether found in muesli bars, cereals or eaten alone. They are great and contain a variety of minerals. Walnuts are wonderful in providing nutrients for our brains. Chia seeds are high in omega 3 fatty acids therefore make a great anti inflammatory. And almonds are wonderful for calcium intake and makes a great milk alternative.

Some cautions

  • Nuts and seeds in general are high in omega 6 fatty acids and we need to be careful we keep our ratio of omega 6 : omega 3 fairly even. If we don’t we can suffer inflammation.
  • Nuts and seeds need to be soaked, or fermented. Firstly it helps with the ease of digestion and secondly it helps with removing toxic phytates.
  • Nuts and seeds are often sold as a healthy inclusion in ‘health bars’ and ‘healthy cereals.’ This is often misleading as firstly, unless the packaging indicates the nuts and seeds have been activated they will contain phytates. Secondly, sugar, salt and other additives are often added.

With this information in mind nuts and seeds in moderation should be a welcomed inclusion in our diet. Just be careful they are prepared well and eaten in small amounts.


Legumes are a popular and very affordable addition in our everyday diets. Particularly amongst vegetarians. The fibre is an obvious positive in this food group.

A few things to consider when including legumes into our diet

  • Legumes are high in toxic substances known as oxalates and phytates. To negate these from our diets they should be fermented. This will ensure they are easier to digest.
  • If you have been following a low fibre diet it is advisable you calculate your fibre intake and increase your consumption of fibre slowly. If you for example are consuming 15g of fibre per day, increase your intake of fibre foods slowly. Possibly by a few grams a day, until you reach a healthy level of 25-30g daily. Be sure to hydrate well as your fibre intake rises to avoid constipation.


Gluten free

The amount of people going gluten free as they have identified their bodies simply do better without them is certainly on the rise. In my opinion at times this causes social awkwardness and unrest and it is best to certainly minimise gluten without it being a stress on yourself and your family. Grains can be irritating to the digestive system hence to the body as a whole. There are of course these days many gluten alternatives. Cakes made with almond flour, coconut flour or even quinoa. Finding these recipes are easier than ever before. So if you find gluten irritating to your system you are able to fit into society easier than ever before with a little pre-planning. Enjoy.

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