Today and everyday is the time to prioritise your spiritual wellbeing. During uncertain times do all in your power to be empowered. Live your truth and live with joy. Seize the day and live with joy. To achieve this we concentrate on increasing our energy, our vibration. Here are my tips to achieve your highest vibration..

Kinesiology sessions

Be on top of your health. All of it! Holistically be at your best. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If your life is on track follow my lead. I often have sessions with the intention of REMOVING ANY BLOCKS AND RESTRICTIONS ALLOWING MYSELF TO BE THE BEST VERSION OF ME. That’s it. My higher self is aware even when my conscious self is not as to what is needed to balance my energy to be the best version of myself. So I often have kinesiology sessions with no other intention but to make me, a better version of me.

Walk barefoot on the earth

Connect with the earth with the intention of clearing your spiritual wellbeing. In Chinese medicine this grounding technique brings balance to the body from disease. Walk on the earth, the dirt, grass, sand. Simple. Research shows it reduces stress hormones as well as rejuvenates the spirit.

Forest bathing

Get out into nature. Into the sunshine, a walk, picnic or sit in the sun. The Japanese call it shinrin-yoku meaning to bathe yourself in all the good green energy. Be offline, off grid and just BE! Observe the trees and let yourself day dream. Set intentions here, ask the universe a question and allow the answer to flow to you.

Bathe in salty water

Think ocean, Epson salt baths, saunas. Take to the waters and soothe your soul.


Children do this naturally when they cuddle up. Dogs rest their faithful heads on our knees whilst our cats snuggle onto our laps. Have a massage, cuddle your one and only and go ahead and create new friendships – as well as let old friendships fade as they are needed.


Needing reassurance, guidance and strength. Its time now. Find your faith. Be it from religious sources, universal elements or intuitive practises. People who have faith are healthier and more stable. What is it that gives you strength?


distance healing

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