FAQ- Distance Healing

If you can’t get to me, let me come to you….. via skype

FAQ on distance sessions answered

Why have distance healing?

Many reasons can lead distance kinesiology being a preference to one- on- one sessions.

Some include:

-being time poor so a session from home suits better

-your away for any reason so a session from your hotel suits better

-you need to distance yourself for health reasons

How does distance healing work?

Truth is healing isn’t confined to physical space. It occurs through energetic transmission, which knows no bounds. Before and during your distance session, I tune in and ‘hold space’ for what needs to unfold, so you’re supported throughout your healing. We interact throughout the session via skype or other face-to-face medium and I release blocks which we talk through. I correct imbalances and we quickly move through your list of intentions for your session. It is amazing and all you really need to know it that IT does WORK!

What do I need to do to prepare?
Before your skype/phone session check your internet connection, prepare a quiet place for your session and comfortably be seated with your feet on the floor, avoid crossing legs, feet arms etc. I recommend for a few days before (everyday actually) to drink 1.5 – 2L of water. Hydration really is imperative for a great kinesiology session. You may like to prepare water, tissues and pen/paper for your session.
Something worth mentioning
Prior to your kinesiology session I’ve noticed a very common phenomenon. You book your appointment and blocks that need clearing seem to rear their ugly heads and niggle into your conscious mind/emotions/body prior to your appointment. For example, before your appointment feel more agitated, angry, frustrated, sore or tired than normal. These symptoms may ‘seem’ like they come from thin air, BUT, this is your body preparing to release whatever is needed during your kinesiology session for you to achieve whatever goals you have intended for your session.  
FAQ on distance sessions

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