A typical kinergetics session, what might that look like? Because each session is tailored to you and your needs, there really isn’t a typical session at all. I will always ask you what your goal is for your session. Where your stresses are in your life. We have a short chat about what is on your mind then we get to work.

Foundations of Kinergetics

The foundation of kinergetics is to have the body as relaxed as it can possibly be, and as hydrated as it can possibly be. This way the foundation of your body is the best it can be to tackle your every day life. If there is any such thing as what a typical kinergetics session looks like, the first two corrections are as close to an answer as we may get.

TMJ Release

To achieve a strong foundation, at the beginning of each session we complete a Temporo Mandibular Joint  (TMJ) correction because this is where you store 90% of your tension. Releasing this area is the perfect start to releasing the whole body possibly in the same way as having a full body massage.

Hydration Technique

Next, we complete a hydration technique. Hydration is not just about drinking water. Who knows, you may be taking in from one end and eliminating it from the other without it really do a lot. We need to ensure the water you are drinking is absorbed well, furthermore utilised by your cells and lastly eliminated from your body. Your body may indicate a body hydration or a brain hydration. In addition your body will indicate very specifically what area of the body needs hydration. It may be part of your digestive or respiratory system. Alternatively it may be an area of your brain. Whatever it is we work this area and release any emotions causing this area to not function to its best.

A typical kinergetics session utilising muscles

Your body calls the shots

From here we work on your specific needs. You may have entered your session with a list of ‘issues.’

Examples of physical, emotional and mental blocks which can be cleared. Please click here.

For the example for this blog let’s say some issue’s you have in your life are:

  • Anxiety about moving house
  • Insomnia
  • Fear of the dark, and
  • Husband out of work

I’ll simply ask your body what is the priority is from this list of issues. Basically what we need to work on first. Your body will indicate the answer via a muscle test which is what we use to access your subconscious. You body may say insomnia. We will then go through all corrections we use in kinesiology that your body indicates to clear any blocks or restrictions you have resulting in your insomnia. I have many tools to correct imbalances your holding. We may need to release trauma, sabotages or correct a nutritional deficiency. Your body not only knows what corrections it needs, it also knows the order it needs them. Therefore the sequence it needs to be healed for the best results. So we move through the corrections your body indicated it needs until finally it indicates the stresses are clear. Next, I again ask the body what the next priority is on the list to work through. Your bodies next priority may be Fear of the Dark. Again your body indicates its answer and lets me know what corrections it needs to clear this stress. And so it continues until our time is out.

Many corrections integrate straight away and you will feel lighter and better about the stress. These integrations may continue for 1-2 weeks following your session and you should therefore feel better and better about the issue as time moves forward.


Always know you are in control and a session will only release what you are ready to release at that moment in time. Your body is amazing. A master of your health. I believe our body knows what it needs to heal itself. Kinesiology is for this reason a perfect way to get your body back to its default setting. A typical kinergetics session is whatever your body indicates it to be. Check out the FAQ section and particularly the ‘something worth mentioning’ tab. 

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