Before I start working in my clinic each day I discipline myself to be ready for you. Opening up my own energy field, I figure, is essential to servicing you. To open, move and improve your energy during your concentrated session. There are many ways we can move energy in our own bodies. This blog specifically concentrates on activating the thymus gland and is called Thymus Tapping. It is a very small yet effective part of my morning energy awakening routine. This is in fact a simple technique anyone can do at any time.

Why Tap the Thymus Gland?

There are many area’s of the body we can tap. The thymus is an area which grants quick results for little work. Without thinking, many people automatically hold the area of their thymus gland when under stress. They hold their mid chest when experiencing shock. When feeling faint it is often an automatic response to pat, or tap this location.

Some benefits of tapping the thymus gland are:

  • To move your body’s energy
  • Boost your immune system
  • Improve your strength and vitality

So what have you got to loose. If your feeling low, fatigued, on the brink of a cold or flu. In combination with an extra dose of zinc or vitamin C stimulating your body is a natural and awesome way to give ourselves a ‘pick-me-up’. If you keep making choices that are not in harmony with your body your thymus gland may become confused. Tapping this area for 15 seconds may help stimulate and reset it.

How to Tap?

Easy! Think of Tarzan thumping his mid chest. That is what thymus tapping is.

The image below illustrates the location of your thymus gland. It is located at the centre of your sternum and the centre of your chest.


With any hand use the tips of your fingers and thumb, all touching one another, and tap firmly the location of the thymus gland. Breathing a little deeper than normal in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Do this for 3-4 breath cycles, about 15 seconds.

You will tap about  60 times in the 15 second time frame.

thymus tapping

That’s it!

Look for other tapping points in my blogs including the Kidney 27 points  

Spleen tapping

Any questions? Contact me or ask at your next kinergetics session.

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