Spleen Tapping

We have many ‘energy points’ in and around our bodies and as a result can access them to enhance our lives.  Energy points are arranged along the body’s 14 major meridian lines. In fact, the spleen point is the last point along the spleen meridian.  As the image shows the spleen points are located directly below the nipple then down an extra rib. By tapping on these spleen points, a signal is sent to the brain.

Benefits of tapping these points quick things can happen:

  • a lift in your energy level
  • a balance to your blood sugar
  • an improvement of your immune system

Being neurolymphatic points these are part of the lymphatic system. The spleen is in fact central to the functioning of the lymphatic system. Tapping on this point synchronises your body’s rhythms, harmonises it energies and hormones, removes toxins, fights infection and helps with general stress. It also helps us better metabolise our foods.

How to tap?


Bring all 5 finger points together and with the points tap on the spleen points where is indicated on the image above.

Now tap for about 60 times or 15 seconds whenever you need a pick me up. Longer if your feeling quite run down with no juice left in the tank. This could be just the thing to help get you through the rest of your day without the fatigue and struggle that otherwise might be.

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