The releasing sabotage comes up during many of your sessions. I used to wonder why we sabotage at all. We consciously all want to be at our best by eating healthy foods. We all know we should exercise 3-4 times per week to achieve so many physical, emotional and mental benefits. We know we should study a little more to achieve our best results. So why don’t we just DO IT? Why don’t we act and make these things happen?


Kinergetics has taught me that unfortunately our subconscious mind has a much greater ‘pull’ than our conscious mind. This is why the sabotage technique comes up so often during your sessions. Something that has happened in your past is running a continuous subconscious program in your mind that has a much stronger pull than your current conscious mind wanting to act in a positive way.

The result: you are not drinking enough water because someone in your past let you know you are not worthy enough (unrelated to water). You sabotage that future job you keep just missing out on because your sabotaging your success- did someone in your past told you that you would never amount to much?

Time to Release

This is again where kinergetics is absolutely brilliant. Not only does your body indicate you need a sabotage release due to a block you have in your life; drinking inadequate water, always coming second best for that job etc, but we are actually able to find what the sabotage is, when its inception was and best of all release it.


If your ready then it is your time to take action and release your blocks and restrictions. Make an appointment today.


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