We live in a world full of stress and toxins. Those of us that live in large cities are especially prone to stress and toxic overload. I though take a positive view on this living situation which after all we take on by choice.

It is possible to keep our bodies healthy. If being in a relaxed and wholesome state is your aim then you should not compromise your health for anyone or anything. Releasing any past stress and trauma via kinergetics is an obvious place to bring harmony and peace to our bodies.

We should be directing our body from Illness to Peace rather than the opposite Peace to Illness.  Stress and trauma is the ruler that dictates our internal kingdom. If stress and trauma are present there is a cascade of negative outcomes. and this ruler can cause a whirlwind of destructive.


The cascading effect of stress and trauma

Stress and trauma occurs to us all. What happens next might shock you!

→  our Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) tightens immediately

→  alarm bells siren leading our body into flight/ fight/ freeze/ survival mode → major vitamin C deficiency

→  adrenal/kidney stress takes place- this forms the beginning of many nutritional deficiencies such as zinc and  magnesium. This leads to low stomach acidity and poor break down and absorption of nutrients.

→  dehydration as our cells shrivel up when stress and trauma occur

→  virus’, arthritis, fibromyalgia and a plethora of illness start their invasion

→  we live in a state of acidity rather than a healthy alkaline state where our body draws vital minerals from our bones (did you know to make traditional bone broth a acidic medium is needed to draw out minerals

Getting the message!  By releasing the TMJ which is a storehouse of 90% of stress and trauma in our body

Our hormones are in disarray and chaos has taken over the kingdom. When we are sick our body needs much more than vitamin C. It needs to deal with the root cause. Since we know the TMJ is a storehouse of stress and trauma, releasing this area is the obvious starting point in bringing peace back and leaving this whirlwind of destruction behind.



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