You are likely reading this blog because mercury has been discussed during your kinergetics session. If you’ve taken chlorella home with you, then you are already in the process of eliminating it from your body. This is really exciting because it is a heavy metal and a neurotoxin. A poison. By correcting mercury toxicity your body will become stronger. It  will process foods better. It will think better. Finally, it will be better.

Where did you get your mercury?

Common sources of mercury are amalgam fillings, certain fish, thermometers and childhood vaccines.

Mercury takes up 50% of dental amalgam. Of course these are the ‘silver’ fillings in our mouths.  If you have silver fillings you have mercury in your mouth. Each time you chew your food and drink hot fluid a little mercury is released and ingested.

Next is large fish such as tuna, swordfish and shark. Avoiding these fish, as well as farmed fish, is highly advised.

Thermometers contain mercury. It is common for these to break in a child’s mouth resulting in the ingestion of the mercury.

I have heard first hand from a client they once, from a science kit, physically played with mercury! Also, a dental nurse who found it fun,  as she casually handled it in the dental clinic. In both cases they were completely unaware of its harmful effects.

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Why is mercury a problem?

Mercury is a neurotoxin. A poison.

It affects our whole body. Specifically, our intestinal flora is disturbed in the presence of mercury. It is also strongly implicated in resistant candida.  If candida shows as an issue to clear during your session I will accordingly test mercury and correct this if needed.

Of course, the debate on the link of mercury and autism is rife!

Some trivia

For every molecule of mercury found in the body. It blocks 1000 molecules of zinc

This is serious and needs to be addressed.

Zinc is a major mineral needed by our body. It is needed for every enzyme reaction in the body. Specifically, it is important for stomach acidity and absorption of nutrients in our small intestine. In addition, zinc affects our taste sensation. Our immune and reproductive systems are all highly dependent on zinc. A sign of zinc deficiency is white dots on finger nails. If this sign shows on either your, or your family/ friends fingernails, it should be addressed.

Zinc and Copper

Low zinc in the body drives copper levels up. This usually leads to a whole new cascade of illnesses. Are you getting the same picture as me? High mercury leads to low zinc which leads to high copper. One imbalance leads to many, many issues within our bodies.

The opposite side of the coin is also true. Kinergetics correcting mercury in the body can have a positive cascading effect on our health. Removing mercury may lead to a harmony of zinc and copper status.

What happens if mercury detox is indicated in my kinergetics session?

If a mercury detox was indicated during your session we will have completed a detox. This is a balance correction via the kidney meridian. We will have released stored negative emotions and trauma related to the high mercury too.

Mercury will now go through the elimination process. Some side effects you may experience are nausea, headaches, tiredness and irritability as shifts occur.

I will have strongly advised chlorella is taken within a few hours of a session where mercury was released. It has a natural affinity to mercury. It binds with it and will eliminate it safely. During your session you will have been advised how many chlorella tablets to take. In addition, how often to take it. This again is imperative as free roaming heavy metals are never advised.

In addition to taking chlorella, large amounts of water will further support your body. Rest is also advised as your body goes through this significant detoxification.

In Conclusion

There is no question mercury is a harmful poison. The good news is, kinergetics via the kidney meridian, is a very effective means of correcting this imbalance. This physical balance is sure to help the body become stronger. The body will process foods better. It will think better. It will be better.

In addition to this information is a great website for the latest.

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