Kinesiology versus Kinergetics

What exactly is the difference?

A common question I often get asked is, “What is the difference between Kinesiology and Kinergetics?” To be honest, I use these terms interchangeably. But to try to explain. I’ll use the analogy of an umbrella. Imagine Kinesiology is the umbrella – the study of mechanics of body movement. Under the umbrella are a whole lot of different modalities all using muscle testing to assess body movement. Kinergetics is just one of these many modalities. Brain Gym is an example of another. These and many others all have the common thread of using muscle testing to gain information from a body.


The founder of Kinesiology is American Chiropractor, Dr George Goodheart. He used muscle testing to enrich his work.

Kinesiology is a broad term referring to an alternative therapy alongside many others. These include Naturopathy, Remedial Massage, Reflexology and Herbal Medicine to name just a few. Kinesiology is the study of the bodies movements. We refer to Kinesiology as working with energy which can be hard to understand. We need to start to understand it . After all absolutely everything in made of energy (but that’s another story). Kinesiology in general is very gentle in its nature and able to access the true root cause of illness rather than utilise a band aid effect.

Kinesiology versus kinergetics. A circuit in our system.Just as you expect hearing an electrician talking about a circuit. Kinesiologist often refer to circuits within your body to.


The founder of Kinergetics is Philip Rafferty. His interests in Kinesiology began in his early 20’s where he began a life long dedication to further development of this field. He developed a form of kinesiology which he termed Kinergetics. So using muscle testing and studying the body’s movements, as the true sense of kinesiology stands, kinergetics uses its own corrections to balance the body.

Stand outs in Kinergetics include:

  • Temporo-Mandibular Joint, TMJ, release
  • Hydration Techniques


It is said we store 90% of our stress and tension in our TMJ area. You can therefore imagine the relief for the body as a whole in releasing this area. TMJ stores past emotions, trauma’s etc. We find by releasing the TMJ many muscles in the body respond and meridians flow freer. The benefit to the body by just releasing the TMJ area astounds me.


Hydration is about much more than the amount of water we drink. It is vital our body actually utilises it to its best potential. We need to absorb it, assimilate it and eliminate it well in every single cell of our body. Otherwise it may simply be going in one end and out the other.


So there you have it. Kinesiology is the general term used for observing the body’s movements and correcting restrictions to allow free flow. Kinergetics is one of the many types of kinesiology using muscle testing in its own way to bring balance to the body.


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