The words ‘specifically targets’ in relation to your healthcare is a very powerful thing. I love kinesiology because it truly does get right to the root cause of your discomfort, balances the body and provides relief. It doesn’t matter if your discomfort is physical, emotional or mental.

The body is a whole being. It is a complex system which is connected.  For example, a sore back. When we suffer from a sore back a there is a physical, emotional and mental component to the pain being experienced. A massage is great to give relief by softening any muscles which are tight and causing pain. This allows greater blood flow to the area hence more nutrition and so on. The massage deals with the physical discomfort but unfortunately not the root cause of the issue. (NB: I’m by no means saying don’t have a massage, do, they are great. Just know there is lots more going on in relation to the lower back pain then just physical relief).

The body is a whole being

Kinesiology specifically targets your needs Rather than think of your lower back pain as an isolated issue it is important to realise all is integrated. This pain in your lower back presents us with a story. The story may go along the lines of telling us about your thoughts and feelings which are in fact the root cause of your lower back pain. You may be in financial distress (the mental component to the issue). Since the lower back is the foundation of our spine, so is our overall financial well being and these may be related. You may not be under any financial stress but actually quite well off. In this circumstance your body may indicate that you are over worrying, (the emotional component to the issue), about your financial position instead. That money plays a large role in your mental thoughts and this in fact needs to be addressed.

Kinesiology specifically targets your needs

The benefit of Kinesiology is that it specifically targets the cause of your distress. It releases whatever issue you present with during your session. If you present with lower back pain, a kinesiologist will simply muscle test and find the cause of the issue. The testing may well conclude the need for a remedial massage. It may conclude the need for extra nutrition or releasing stress associated with your finances. This may involve balancing your meridians, chakra’s, glands, organ’s or clearing affirmations to free up any energy blocks in the area and clear the pain as well as the root cause of the pain.

Therefore if you are suffering from any kind of stress, tension, pain, emotional trauma or distress, a kinesiologist is a great starting point to help get straight to the root cause and free you from the imbalance.

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