Kinergetics is a branch of kinesiology. In my 20 year career in natural health, I have found kinergetics to be the most profound treatment in tackling the true cause of any imbalance of the body.

What is an imbalance?

An imbalance in the body should be viewed as anything resulting in anytime you ARE NOT experiencing joy. An imbalance therefore includes pain, grief, sadness, anxiety, depression, all health concerns, feelings of worthlessness, shame, negative thinking, abandonment, shock, fear etc, etc, etc. All these imbalances are caused by stress and trauma in our lives.

The Stress Response

The stress response is one of the body’s most valuable defence mechanisms. When our body perceives a threat we move straight into either FIGHT or FLIGHT mode. Our upper body prepares to fight off the stress or our lower body prepare to flee from the situation. Adrenaline and cortisol are released to increase our heart rate, sharpen or senses and prepare muscles for quick action. In the wild this is all good and well. However today this stress response seems to be a very regular occurrence confronting multiple stressors – generally non life threatening- every day. This over activation of the stress response has proven detrimental to our health, creating a host of adverse effects on the body.

Why medication doesn’t work long term

While medication can alleviate the symptoms of chronic over stimulation of the stress response, they don’t tend to address the source of the problem. Us humans are stressed to the max.

What can move me from illness to wellness?

Some solutions here are to exercise, eat nutrition rich foods, interact with nature, pets and each other. Unplug from the doom and gloom of TV and other electronic media.


Adding kinergetics to the mix allows our body to be free of any block or disturbance. By balancing the body it stimulates your innate ability to heal itself. Kinergetics targets stress and trauma built up in our Temporo Mandibular Joint – TMJ. The TMJ is truly a storehouse of past stress and trauma which results in physical discomfort of the jaw. Sore jaw, grinding teeth, clicking jaw, unable to open jaw wide. In addition, this storehouse of stress and trauma leads to a cascade of negative conditions in the body leading to illness. The storehouse of stress and trauma in the TMJ affects our pituitary gland which in turn affects hormones in the body. It affects the adrenals and kidneys leading to dehydration, zinc and magnesium deficiency, low stomach acidity, virus’ and allergies,  etc,etc, etc. The flow on effect is endless. TMJ

What you can do

If your ready to release current stress and trauma in your life and get to a place of joy, releasing the TMJ is critical. Come in with a list of current issues you are experiencing. Many times these will be related to past stress and trauma which we can correct and release on the spot. In a few sessions, you will notice yourself as a better version of your old self. You will feel lighter, less reactive toward others. Less victimised, less pain, more motivated, better relationships and clearing any issue you originally come in with. From here the occasional maintenance visit to keep your life on track is what is recommended.

My toolbox

During kinergetics I will correct vitamin and mineral imbalances. Release stress and trauma stored in the TMJ and fascia which in turn can correct many, many imbalances through the body. Correct heavy metals such as mercury, aluminium, copper and fluoride. I’ll hydrate your system at a cellular level. Your meridians will be flowing freely, which in itself allows the body to heal itself. The tools I have in my toolbox will go a long way to getting you to the point of experiencing joy. Utilising such things as BACH flowers and essential oils, as well as herbs and vitamins to support your body.

In conclusion

In conclusion, if your ready to experience joy in areas of your life, I have the tools to get you there. By simply balancing the body so it can heal itself is what will truly work for you long term in being the best version of yourself.

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