Kinergetics Accurate Testing

Kinesiology is simply the study of movement. We analyse movement in the form of testing the strength of muscles in your body. From here we are able to accurately begin to form a picture of your overall health. Certain muscles we test, or monitor, related to different organs, glands and chakra’s throughout the body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), teaches the body is connected in a very complex manner. It works as a whole, so no ‘piece’ of the body should be treated in an isolated way. The muscles, organs and meridians, an energy system, are all connected. Therefore, when a muscle tests weak during your monitoring process, it indicates its link to the physical body. Furthermore, it indicates an imbalance in the emotional and mental body. This is weak so gives clues which all fit into our story. If a certain muscle tests weak, with further investigation it may suggest a technique such as thymus tapping is required to build strength for example.

How do muscles link to the

Physical, Emotional and Mental Bodies?


To start to understand how kinesiology works let’s talk through one of many links within the body as a simple example. Let’s say you have a kinesiology session. You do this because your anxiety has become unbearable. A kinesiologist will test muscles to monitor the overall health of your body. As an example, the psoas muscle, a muscle in your upper leg is linked to the kidney meridian. To test the state of the kidney meridian a simple psoas muscle test is performed. If the psoas muscle tests weak this not only indicates the kidney meridian needs balancing. It also indicates there is an imbalance in the persons emotional and mental well being. This really is holistic therapy at its best. Let’s continue.

The kidneys store the emotions of fear and anger. A person whose psoas muscle tests weak therefore may often feel upset due to old issues such as rejection. As part of the accurate testing we are able to dig deep into the root cause of the imbalances. We identify information therefore, of why you are feeling anxious, why you have constant lower back pain or why you are having issues with sleep.

Kinesiology not only identifies, it also clears old stress

Whenever a muscle tests weak it is corrected to bring balance back to the body. During this process we accurately identify what emotion specifically is causing the psoa’s muscle to test weak. We then ‘age recess’, that is, we find what age this emotion caused stress to your body and release this stress. For example, we may identify an emotion causing your psoa’s muscle to test weak is the feeling of unsettled. We age recess to the age of 17 where your body ‘tell’s us’ to stop, there is a stress here.

Now we identify more information as to how you felt unsettled in a relationship at age 17. You remember the time at age 17 you were cheated on, but continued with the relationship anyhow. This stress is held in the body because you didn’t deal with it at the time and adding to whatever the issue we are dealing with now. In this example, anxiety.  This stress is not only identified, it is also cleared.

The accurate testing during your session identifies and clears the stress. This stress was causing your discomfort from the root cause of the issue. Clearing the stress leaves you able to move on in your life knowing this past stress will no longer affect you any longer, you have now dealt with it.

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