Why Tap the Kidney 27 points?

We have many ‘energy points’ in and around our bodies. In this blog we will talk about our Kidney 27 (K27) points. Our energy points are arranged along the body’s 14 major meridians.  As the image shows the K27 points are located about an inch below the inner side of the collar bone. The K27 points are the last point of our kidney meridian. The first is found under the sole of our foot and there are 27 points which run up the front of the body. By rubbing or tapping on the last point, or the K27 points a signal is sent to the brain to:

  • Energise you if you are feeling drowsy
  • Focus you if you are having difficulty concentrating


How to Tap?


Easy! As with any tapping think of Tarzan thumping his mid chest.

The image above illustrates the location of your kidney 27 points. To the middle of the clavicle, or collar bone. Then about an inch down. There will be a soft spot or indentation there.  Our body mirrors our meridian so symmetrical energy lines for each 14 meridian run up and down our bodies. So there are 2 kidney 27 points.

Either using both hands where the index and middle fingers will tap on each kidney 27 point. Or, as is my preference, with one hand. Thumb tapping on one side of the kidney 27 point and the index and middle finger on the same hand tapping on the other kidney 27 point.

Now tap for about 60 times or 15 seconds whenever you need a pick me up.

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