Are you feeling a little run down? Needing a boost whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Here are a few techniques you can use anytime for a quick lift. These immune boosting techniques may make all the difference in improving your overall wellbeing.

Neurolymphatic Lung Massage

Massaging the dark area on the diagram below. Where our arm is ‘sewn’ onto our body. At first this may feel tender. Keep massaging until the tenderness eases. Massaging deeply as this area will enhance your detoxification process.


Stomach 36 Meridian Point

An incredible point, I access this point often in kinesiology sessions. It’s an earth point to boost your worn out self. See it as feeding yourself goodness when you energise this area. Just rub or energise this point. The location of the point is in the diagram below.


Neurolymphatic points

On either side of the sternum or breastbone are neurolymphatic points between your ribs. Rub on these and again they may feel a little tender. Rubbing will remove toxins from your body and improve overall wellbeing.

neurolymphatic points

Thymus tapping

For more information on Thymus Tapping click here

thymus tapping  thymus-tapping

Hook up

To integrate these immune boosting techniques, or any other self work you are doing to enhance your overall wellbeing, complete the hook up technique as in diagram below. Place two fingers on your navel and gently push in. Use two fingers from your other hand and press on the point between your eyebrows. This point is often referred to as the third eye or pituitary gland point. Gently press in and up toward your hairline. Doing these 2 techniques together is called a ‘hook up’ and can be used to complete any energising work.

hook up


The immune boosting techniques outlined above are designed to help with boosting your immune system. In addition to this the following will help greatly preventing virus’ hitting your system.

  • thoroughly wash hands for 20 or more seconds with soapy water
  • social distancing especially if you or others have flu-like symptoms
  • drink 2L of water daily
  • moderate exercise most days of the week
  • supplements may help, especially vitamin C and zinc
  • adequate rest and sleep
  • see some sunshine each day, both your skin and eyes should be exposed
  • take immune boosting foods such a sauerkraut each day

If you are having issues achieving any of these bullet points or have questions in relation to the techiques please make an appointment to see me and we will correct by getting to the root cause of whatever is blocking. Your bodies unconscious mind may simply be sabotaging your success.

To make an appointment online click here.

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