Healing Zinc

Zinc is a mineral which plays such an important role in our bodies. I refer to zinc as being important in virtually every enzyme reaction in our bodies. It’s important for our immune health, general healing in the body whether post operative or during times of a minor cold.

Further to this healing zinc assists in wound healing, production of DNA in our bodies, cell division, cell metabolism and reproductive health. In addition to this our general senses are reliant on zinc. Our sense of smell and taste as an example.

There is a very simple way to diagnose the need for zinc supplementation. That is a taste test. This makes sense as zinc is so important in the functioning of taste. By simply tasting a small amount of liquid zinc off a spoon the degree in which it may taste like water or an obvious metallic taste gives a clear indication of the need for supplementation.

Signs of deficiency

Healing Zinc- White Dots on Fingernails

As noted above, what is known as the Zinc Tally Test, a simple tasting of liquid zinc gives a clear indication of the need for zinc supplementation.

A simple at home body analysis is also the checking of fingernails. If there are white dots on fingernails as pictured above, this is a sure sign that zinc supplementation is critical. As the level of zinc in the body restores itself via supplementation then the white dots will grow out.

In my clinical experience I find no matter the age, stress is a huge precursor to zinc deficiency. Another common cause of low zinc is mercury toxicity.

I like to think kinesiology/kinergetics is the answer here as it is able to get to the root course of the stress and remove it. I find supplementation, in general, to be a short term band aid solution.

Sources of Zinc

Healing Zinc- seafood

When I think zinc, I think seafood. This seems to be the most potent. Generally though protein foods are a go to for zinc. Meats, eggs, legumes etc.

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