Distance healing sessions are a liberating way of receiving kinesiology from anywhere in the world. I have clients from around the world as well as in Sydney taking advantage of receiving distance healing via skype. Distance healing sessions allow you to receive a personal 1 on 1 kinesiology session from the comfort of your own home.

During this blog I am going to explain what are distance healing sessions, how they work, steps to organising your sessions, and true testimonials of clients who have and are experiencing sessions via distance.


What are Distance Healing Sessions?


Kinesiology is equally effective in clinic or connecting online via skype. Kinesiology sessions are powerful and life changing. Distance healing simply means that you as a receiver of the kinesiology healing are where ever you choose to be during your healing session. At home, work, your car or anywhere in the world. Me as your healer am in clinic with all the resources I need around me to guide you through your healing session. Simple.

Whether you are in clinic or anywhere in the world you will receive kinesiology and heal from root source. Healing via band aid solutions are something which give fast relief without really healing the true cause of your issue. This actually prevents you from moving forward in our life. True healing is about healing in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks and restrictions, releasing from the true cause and moving forward.

Whether in clinic or distance healing via skype your healing is equally as effective in getting your back into the drivers seat of your life being the best version of yourself.

Did you know?

  • Kinesiology is the fastest growing natural therapy today- both face and face and online healing
  • Muscle testing sources both your conscious and unconscious memory, for this reason, information that arises is extremely accurate with pin point precision
  • Healing isn’t confined specifically to physical space. It occurs through energetic transmission as a result interacting online is a practical way of receiving your kinesiology session
  • Before and during your distance session, I tune in and ‘hold space’ for what needs to unfold, as a result you’re supported throughout your healing
  • We interact throughout the session via skype or other face-to-face medium and I release blocks as I continually guide you
  • Your distance healing sessions, like face to face, are all about getting to the root source of your block. We access stress at root level and by working with the energy of your body begin to rewire your thoughts, feelings, emotions and the subconscious stories your telling yourself. The aim is that you access the true you. The you that is who you know you are supposed to be.
  • I correct imbalances and we quickly move through your list of intentions for your session. It is amazing and all you really need to know it that IT does WORK!


Steps to booking your kinesiology sessions

Setting up for your distance kinesiology session is straight forward.

  1. Book your kinesiology session online or contact Suzie on 0411 144 723 to book your preferred day and time via SMS. Let me know you would like a distance healing session.
  2. Before your online session, if you are not already joined, I will invite you to skype.
  3. For your comfort during your session prepare water, tissues and pen/paper
  4. Prepare a quiet place for your session and comfortably be seated with your feet on the floor, avoid crossing legs, feet arms etc
  5. At the time of your session I will ring you via skype and we will begin our session.


True testimonials from current and past clients who have experienced distance healing sessions

In conclusion

Kinesiology sessions are powerful and life changing whether they are in clinic or via distance sessions.

It’s your choice.


Servicing kinesiology to the Inner West and locations across the world via distance sessions

Absolute Wellbeing services everyone ready to be the best version of themselves. Ready to move blocks and restrictions built up over this lifetime and ancestral or past life trauma.

Absolute Wellbeing services kinesiology to the Inner West of Sydney – suburbs including Abbotsford, Annandale, Ashbury, Ashfield, Burwood, Balmain, Birchgrove, Breakfast Point, Cabarita, Camperdown, Canada Bay, Canterbury, Chiswick, Concord, Croydon, Drummoyne, Dulwich Hill, Enfield, Enmore, Erskineville, Five Dock, Forest Lodge, Glebe, Haberfield, Homebush, Hurlstone park, Leichhardt, Lewisham, Liberty Cove, Lilyfield, Marrickville Mortlake, Newington, Newtown, Strathfield, Petersham, Rhodes, Rodd Point, Rozelle, Russell Lee, St Peter’s, Stanmore, Summer Hill, Sydenham, Tempe and Wareemba

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