Experience kinergetics either in my clinic in Sydney or where ever you are around the world.

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Whether your thinking of making an appointment because you have been referred by a friend or family member or you have just heard others talking about their experience with a kinesiologist please don’t hesitate picking up the phone and having a chat. We often sabotage our wellness by coming up with reasons or excuses as to why we can cope on our own or that life really isn’t so bad.

Why we Self-Sabotage?

This is your subconscious having a stronger pull than your conscious mind in staying just as you are now. Make a very conscious decision to overcome this urge to continue not feeling at your absolute best. I’ll listen to your body. Your body knows what it needs, I know how to access the information of what your body needs. Your body tells the truth and knows best.

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Give me a buzz, make contact and know you are amazing and deserve the journey to clear your past and open your future.

About Suzie

Suzie has a heart of gold and a knack for getting to the core of an issue that can be totally out of our own site, her holistic dedicated approach and attention to detail was brilliant. Thank you for supporting me on my journey.  Tamara Newlands

Get Results

I have been able to clear a lot of stress from my mind and body in a very short time. She has helped me work through issues of self-identity, confidence and I have shifted difficult negative beliefs and emotions. I recommend Suzie’s distance sessions to anyone wanting to shift stress, fear or trauma from their lives. Millie Jane

Ready to Make a Change?

Let’s have a chat.  I’m ready to walk you through your journey.  It’s your time.

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