When we heal through kinesiology we are healing with energy. Our systems are made of energy and when our bodies are not functioning as we like there is a disruption to the energy which needs to be balanced. This is where chakra’s are explained.

Chakra’s Explained

Chakra’s are energy centres and we have many. They are spinning area’s of colour resulting in life force energy of course connecting to all area’s of the body. This includes our meridian system, organs, glands and everything else. Our energy centres give an indication of how you are dealing with your thought’s, experiences and beliefs.

Energy enters our body through our 7th main chakra referred to as our crown chakra. It flows down our body. If our bodies are in true health this energy will project as clear bright light and colour. Each energy centre displays the centre for different feelings and emotions. For example to heart chakra relates to love whereas our solar plexus chakra relates to self esteem. Our positive being will project positive love and self esteem when in balance. Whereas when out of balance it will project negative love and self esteem issues.

Our Aim when balancing Energy Centre’s

Chakra's Explained

When our bodies feel healthy the energy centre’s will function well, displaying its individual colour is an open, bright clear way at its energy centre. So when this is the case, our system in in true health. In contrast, if our energy centre’s become blocked, clogged, dull, or frozen, this leads to a feeling of being unwell or even diseased.

Naming our Energy Centre’s

We have 7 main chakra’s located down the centre of our body as the opening diagram illustrates. There are many other ‘minor’ chakra’s outside of this but for the simplicity of this blog let’s stick to naming these seven. Many of you yogi’s and meditator’s out there will be very familiar with these energy centres. During your kinesiology sessions you probably have heard me, often, rattle off these names as I clear your centres in relation to our goal. The 7 main energy centre’s (chakra’s) are:

In Conclusion

As a final note, in order to achieve optimal health, we need a bright, clear energy system. This is where disease begins and healing begins. This forms much of the balancing of your kinesiology/kinergetics session. For more information of a typical kinergetics session.

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