So body building broth is that and so much more. Its healing to the body, adds nutrition and furthermore tastes great.

Body Building Broth

Think about what goes into our body building broth. First the different types of bones. Then of course vegetables and water. Some herbs and spices as an addition if you like. But bones is the first thing that comes to mind. Broth is usually simmered for days. Literally. By the time it is ready to serve, in fact, the bones are soft. So where are all those glorious minerals that once gave the bone its strength. In the broth right. In the same way the bone once had strength. So now does the broth. Strength to add to your body. The calcium, sulphur, phosphorus, zinc etc. Amino acids help to detoxify your body. They help the liver do its housekeeping.

Natural Food Supplements

There is cartilage and tendons which adds glucosamine and chondroiton. Awesome right, for this purpose you can see broth as a cheap and natural supplement your body will cherish. Your body will just suck up all the minerals and it will benefit you greatly.

Healing to the Body

Body building broth is one of the best foods to heal the gastro intestinal tract. Of course this is imperative to our good health. In fact without a healthy gastro intestinal tract it really is difficult to be in a healthy state. Did you know many refer to the gut as the second brain. In vitro the human brain and gut share the same neurology and after time separate. It is well know these days that many diseases start because of an unhealthy gut. Our immune functioning mainly occurs in the gut too. So continually healing the gut accordingly is a must. More information on Candida specifically.

Daily Stress on the Gut

The gut receives an onslaught of dramas encouraging it to be unhealthy so we need to balance this. Stress, medicine, poor diet, pollution and the list goes on. These can lead to the gut having leaky channels. So instead of the gut acting like a protecting membrane it instead just lets any particles through. Not great.

Body building broth needs animals which are grass fed

Tastes Great

Broth really does taste great so get into it. If your unwell just consume it on its own. Add it to soups and casseroles for awesome flavour. The quality of broth however does matter. Firstly, source an animal which is grass fed. These days this is more important than organic. Source different bone parts of the animal. Be brave. Source hooves, ears and whatever you can get your hands on. Different bones will contain different goodies so variety is great.


  • Source different part of the animal. Variety is good.
  • Grass fed animals are best
  • Roast bones before the boil for a better taste
  • When water comes to the boil add a little vinegar to encourage minerals to leach from the bones
  • At the beginning of the boil remove ‘grime’ from the top of the water
  • Check your boil times (there are plenty of online recipes) Fish is quick, beef takes longer


And it gets easier

In fact, you don’t have to source bones or boil away at all. Now we are lucky that over the past couple of years there has been many genuine dehydrated broth powders making their way to the marketplace. Just buy and add to your food. And enjoy!

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